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Dec 16, 2012 2:00pm PST
, you are from waterbury and is your fiance, rich? who is this little -- >> our granddaughter, lily. >> she is gorgeous. >> thank you. >> you brought this christmas tree, right? >> we did. we kept thinking of trying to do something and rich came up with the idea of bringing a tree. >> yeah. >> um, we went and picked up some ornaments and added some battery operated lights to them so they could flicker around shape. we put all the names of the 20 children and the six teachers on the tree so they are all represented there. we want up furtherer and came back down, we noticed people have added more stuff to the tree and we think that's great. i'm a school teacher in waterbury. >> so, when you look at your grand baby, obviously, you have kids the able of these kids, what runs through your head you sent them to school every day, i'm sure and rested in the fact they would be safe. >> anybody who sends their kids to school wants to think that that's safe place for them. as a school teacher, i want to say i can keep them safe but after this incident, it is a very hard thing to commit to a pa
Dec 15, 2012 7:00am EST
disturbs me. host: did you think your grandkids going to school in waterbury, that they were saved? caller: about a couple months ago, there was a kid who talk a bb gun into school. you know, they make guns today that do not likelook like real . an officer noticed it in his back. the officer noticed it and pulled him up and took him to the principal's office. at that time he was very lucky because he could have shot the kid. host: the officer would have shot the kid? there are armed officers in the schools? caller: yes, there is. host: thank you for your call. one of the many statements that was put out yesterday by congressman and senators, this from a representative from the fourth district in connecticut releasing this statement following the shooting, saying -- the representative joins us now by phone. welcome to the program. where were you when you first heard about the shooting in newtown? guest: i was in washington. host: you are in the fourth district. newtown is in the fifth district. guest: the town is just across the line from my district. it is part of fairfield county just acr
FOX News
Dec 14, 2012 6:00am PST
ago said they have two ambulances on the scene, and that what the what waterbury is sending pwhraepbs as well. the report they have is one teacher has a foot injury after being shot in the foot. she was taken to the hospital. it is their information that police are clearing the scene. so put that together and try and figure out what happened here. alisyn: very scary stuff. we have been on the phone also with the newtown police department and our producers report that it just sounds very chaotic there. you can imagine them fielding all sorts of calls from other schools in the area, from parents, from the media wanting information. they are doing the best they can but they do not have a lot of information yet, other than to say that we do know the school is on lockdown, and that kids and at least parents have assembled outside, and we don't know the magnitude of the injuries or how many there have been. there were initial reports of multiple injuries, but of course in breaking news it's hard to know if those are accurate. bill: we don't have the information we need right now to tell you
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3